Guide to Gemstones and Birthstones

A gemstone, also called a gem or precious stone is a piece of mineral crystal in cut and polished form. They are highly regarded in beauty, durability and rarity. Their colours are mesmerizing and the variety in each gemstone is also fascinating. Ever wondered why 2 blue sapphires cost differently even though their size is the same? We share with you some insights on some of the world's most sough after gemstones.

Alexandrite posses a nature's magic trick. It is green in sunlight and red in lamp light. A birthstone for the month of June and to celebrate 55th Anniversary. Discover more why this gemstone is so special and rare.

Amber known as nature's time capsule. This fossilised tree resin contains remnants of life on earth millions of years ago. Amber comes in more colours than just yellow and golden. Learn more about amber and the other colours you may find this gemstone in.