Diamonds and Gemstones

Creating a jewellery piece can either start with a gemstone or a metal. The liberty is yours because we believe you dictate what your journey should be in every jewellery investment. 

Gavin and Lorraine have a selection of handpicked gemstones, for you as their discerning customers. Choose the diamond or gemstones then decide on what jewellery piece you'd like it to be made of. 

We will guide you with the metal choice, incorporate your design ideas and together, a truly unique jewellery piece will be produced just for you.

Should there be a diamond or gemstone you are particularly looking for, simply send us a message.

The Diamond Setter

Oval shape 1.01ct Diamond

A very sought after shape, oval cut diamond weighing 1.01ct with no shade, excellent luster and 100% eye clean. Natural diamond with GIA certificate. ...

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