Should you have diamond or gemstone in your jewellery?

Of course you don't have to but diamonds have become an expression of commitment, and has an iconic association to something that lasts forever. This is why it is no surprise that it is the most sought after stone in engagement rings or wedding bands. 

Diamonds, just like other precious stones comes in all sizes and shapes, and don't ever think it is reserved for romantic occasions only because there are special and unique jewellery accessible to everyone at anytime.

Don't set a limit to your gemstone choice either, the range is so wide but ultimately, it boils down to your own style, preference and the symbol of the gemstone to you. Diamonds are the most precious stone, they are the hardest known material on earth. And the reason for that is because it takes billion of years for a diamond to form and the process itself makes it the most durable stone. 

Gemstones have been associated with different meanings throughout history and others have only been recently discovered. But these precious stones undeniably possess unique beauty and adds significant meaning to a jewellery. There is also a wide belief that they hold special powers and bring about certain fortune for those who wear them.

So whether yo are after the aesthetic of the jewellery or adding significant meaning to a silver necklace or a gold bracelet, there is never a bad reason to add a gemstone or diamond to your unique jewellery.

And the convenience of doing so is right on your fingertips, personalising a jewellery has never been this easy and we are not talking about engraving. Whether it is diamond, sapphire, citrine, ruby, emerald or any other birthstone, you choose the placement of the stones and however many they are, and our team of craftsmen will set the stones for you. Truly unique, truly special and truly meaningful.

Avail of our bespoke service to commission your unique jewellery.

Written by: Lorraine Marsh