What is Diamond setting or Gemstone setting

When it comes to jewellery, do you ever wonder how they are made? There is an intricate process that goes with creating jewellery and the skills involved are also defined. Jewellers and setters are very different trades even though you might think they are connected to the same industry. 

Jewellers constructs the rings from the raw materials, while setters are responsible for securing the stones. It is a rarity to come by when you meet a jeweller who is also a diamond setter. It goes without saying, these sets of skills are acquired with many years of experience as well as the innate creativity and love for the jewellery trade. 

Jewellery made especially for a particular stone is always going to be better and durable than an “off the shelf” setting. The reason for this is because a mass produced ring has very little room for modification, whereas if the jewellery is created for a stone, it is "home of the stone". A professional jeweller, must not only make sure that the stones and claws are positioned in the correct places, but the shoulder stones must be angled correctly to create a pleasing level appearance. During the creation of the jewellery piece, jewellers constantly make adjustments to improve the aesthetics of the piece which a computer or CAD or mass produced pieces can't do. Metal that has been hammered is also always harder and tougher than cast metal. 

What exactly do diamond setters do?
Diamond Setters or Gemstone Setters are crucial to maintaining the highest quality finish of a piece. The setter will secure the stone, ensure they are all aligned and fits in properly. Stones that are not secured are prone to coming loose and falling out over time. If the shoulder diamonds have not been set well, there may be gaps between the stones. It will be easy to see flaws on a setting if it is not done properly. For example, channel set rings, will not have straight bright cuts (the inside lines between the stone and the metal), and there may be gaps at the end of the channel. This will become noticeable as the rings become dirty, as the dirt often gets trapped in the gaps. Centre stones must be secured properly and set to perfection, otherwise, it can throw off the symmetry of the jewellery. Another symptom of a stone that hasn’t been set correctly is catching of threads under the claws. A properly set stone should be nice and smooth on top, and have no gap between the stone and the claw. If you are finding that your clothes are catching on your claws, consult your local jeweller to get it fixed right away. 

What can we do for you at The Diamond Setter?
Not only you can personalise your jewellery through our website, but If you have have diamonds or gemstones, we would be happy to set it for you in a beautifully crafted design, made to perfectly fit your gemstone. Our range of jewellery services is here to help you. Every diamond and gemstone is unique therefore we recognise that crafting a handmade jewellery piece or collet for a ring is crucial to ensure the jewellery is secured as well as unique to you. Always remember, the ongoing value of a piece is always in the design rather than the diamond, and you need to be sure your setting will stand the test of time. 

To book a consultation, please email customercare@thediamondsetter.co.uk 

By Lorraine Marsh